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Hearing Architecture

May 26, 2022

Our guest in this episode is architect Heather Wasley who is a registered architect and associate at Grieve Gillett Andersen in Adelaide. Heather started her role at GGA in December 2021 and most of the experience she talks about in this interview is from her time at Tectvs, where she worked for many years on a range of projects. Tectvs provided Heather with many opportunities to develop good working relationships with clients, something she strives to continue in her new role at Grieve Gillett Andersen. Heather shares her belief that the best architectural outcomes occur when an Architect is focused on understanding their clients and representing the best interests of a project, and that the client, the end-user and the wider public can all benefit from a productive relationship between a client and an Architect. This interview is conducted by Renata Gebara who is an EmAGN representative based in South Australia.